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this was just sent to me today

From: Dr Andrew Jones
Author: Veterinary Secrets Revealed

Hello Melynda,

Re: Rap star DMX arrested for animal cruelty.


It’s is Monday morning again….Hello!

I am coming back from a conference, but while I was
reading the news yesterday I came across a pretty disgusting
news story.

Here is the story:

Rap star DMX has been arrested on animal cruelty and drug
possession charges after a standoff at his house near Phoenix,

Police say the rapper barricaded himself in the early hours
of Friday morning after they arrived to arrest him following
two searches of his home that turned up drugs, weapons, dog
carcasses and abused pit bulls.

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office said DMX, whose real
name is Earl Simmons, eventually gave himself up.

Police first raided the 37-year-old musician’s home in the
Cave Creek community near Phoenix last August. They discovered
12 pit bulls and three dead animals partially buried on the

An indictment was issued on seven counts of animal cruelty
after the August raid.

This time, police say when they went to the house they also
found illegal drugs and five more pit bull puppies.

“With all his money and fame, [DMX] has no excuse for not
providing proper care for his animals,” said Sheriff Joe
Arpaio on Saturday.

The rapper, who has sold more than 20 million albums, has
also acted in several movies including Romeo Must Die and
Exit Wounds.



How is it that someone with ALL of the trappings of success
can be such a pathetic human being?

I just don’t understand some people.

WHY would anyone even be into Dog fighting?

And then to abuse and starve the dogs- UNFORGIVABLE.

I this man, Mr Rap Star, is to hold NO value for the
lives of innocent dogs, then you can believe that he
has NO respect for ANYONE or ANYTHING good in society
and life.

I hope he loses EVERYTHING.

And I hope he spends a LONG TIME in jail.

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Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM
Rapper DMX arrested for drugs, animal cruelty

By BOB CHRISTIE, Associated Press Writer Fri May 9, 4:39 PM ET

PHOENIX – DMX was arrested on drug and animal-cruelty charges following an overnight raid on the rapper’s house Friday, authorities said.

The 37-year-old rapper, whose given name is Earl Simmons, initially tried to barricade himself in his bedroom but emerged when a SWAT team entered his north Phoenix home during the 3 a.m. raid, sheriff’s spokesman Capt. Paul Chagolla said.

The arrest and search warrants stemmed from indictments for felony drug possession and misdemeanor animal cruelty charges. He made an initial court appearance Friday where bail was sent at $7,500, said his local attorney, Cameron Morgan. Morgan said he expected bail to be posted quickly.

The indictment stems from an August search of the rapper’s home prompted by reports of dogs being abused on his property. Detectives seized 12 pit bull dogs, dug up remains of three others and found marijuana on the rural property.

During Friday’s raid, officials said more drugs were found and weapons seized and additional charges were possible.

Simmons’ New York lawyer, Murray Richman, said he told his client to expect such a raid after his efforts to make DMX available to law enforcement were rebuffed.

“I anticipated it, I explained to my client what was going to happen,” Richman said. He said he believed evidence did not support the charges of animal cruelty, which has been a major focus of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

“I think that the animal cruelty is not going to be able to be established,” Richman said, “and I think that this is Sheriff Joe’s moment.”

A statement from Arpaio said someone of DMX means “has no excuse for not providing proper care for his animals.”

Sheriff’s deputies made a series of visits to the rapper’s home in August after receiving reports of neglected pit bulls. They found a caretaker who had been hired to look after the animals.

Richman said DMX was not in Arizona in the weeks leading up to the initial raid.

The rapper has had previous run-ins with the law, including an arrest Tuesday by the Arizona Department of Public Safety after speed-enforcement cameras captured him going 114 mph on a suburban Phoenix freeway.

In June 2006, Scottsdale police cited him for carrying a concealed handgun outside a nightclub.

He also served 70 days in jail in 2005 for violating his parole following a 2004 incident in which he posed as an undercover federal agent and crashed his sport utility vehicle through a security gate at Kennedy International Airport.

DMX recorded the 1999 hit single “Party Up (Up in Here).” His last album, “Year of the Dog … Again,” was released last year

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