Nature Photography That Aims to Make You Act

Having put camera to nature, in a local preserve for one year, this article, on the Urban Times, caught my attention, real quick.

By showing and sharing with people, we can help to make people aware of what we have and stand to lose, if we are not better stewards of our planet.

Some of the local preserves in the greater Toledo area are home to rare and endangered flora and fauna.

Without preservation and protection, they could be gone.

Look at these images, connect with them, and make a conscious effort to commit to saving the essence of our planet – life.

Urban Times be the change

The Urban Times is the home of optimism and I was invited to share images on the site sometime ago, and am very grateful for the chance and invite.…

A recent rollout of a new and improved Urban Times, now centers on Hubs and people around the globe offering up articles, images and commentary and a sustainable shop for goods from around the world.

The site is open to people to sign up and post what they have a passion about, a local cause, global concerns, something close to home others should know about, etc., and with many Hubs there is a lot to read and share with the world.

The site is built on Wordpress and is very easy to use.

If you want to be part of the community, have a look at the site

The staff is very supportive and engaged and ready to help and is looking for people to be part

Advice to Artists at the Beginning

Are you a fan of Ira Glass? The host of This American Life. Story teller and weaver of words, thoughts and ideas and who can connect with listeners?

“Question after question could be asked of the artistic process – the exact nature of inspiration, how, when and why it strikes, to whom, and to what end. What is even more difficult to qualify is the nature of creativity itself. How does one know what is good art, and at what point should one give up on their inclination to create if what they do create is not up to par?”

Glass offers a video commentary to artists at the beginning

What Does Your Musical Preference Say About Your Personality?

Music is a vice of mine.

Growing up with cartoons and the symphonic scores on many, I’ve enjoyed classical music because of the cartoons.

Industrial, noise, metal, world, all good music and many more.

This article sets out how music, like visual art, can stimulate our senses.

Music is everywhere. It is impossible to ignore it or avoid it. It has played a significant role in every civilization and people’s sense of identity. As Nietzsche wrote in Twilight of the Idols: “Without music, life would be a mistake”.

Become an URBAN TIMES Correspondent

“At Urban Times, we’re on a constant crusade against myopia, apathy, complacence and mediocrity.

Every day, we strive to transcend the current media paradigm of cynicism and negativity, and offer forward-thinking, solutions-driven coverage of the issues that matter.

As part of this commitment we are undergoing many exciting changes, as our readership grows and our core team expands to keep pace."

I was lucky enough to be asked to become an Author for the Urban Times, here’s your chance.


Natalie Goldstein: The Story Of Duality Through Photography

I have an acquaintance who is also an ex-model and he has an eye for bringing out the inner person in his works.

Ms. Goldstein has the same eye and brings out the inner person

“Having been a model for most of her working life, Natalie Goldstein decided it was time for a role reversal and that she wanted to be the one behind the camera. Becoming a photographer was not an easy task, her journey first started photographing children but it was the under the experienced wing of Wolfgang Mustain that Natalie learnt more about photographic technicalities”

Urban Times interview

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