The dirty little secret of printing at home

Being in retail stores, now, and being a representative with third party companies, representing HP and Epson, many consumers are unaware of the costs of printing at home.

Having a home printer, is convenient, needed and fun to make pictures, greeting cards, etc.

Prices on the hardware can be easy on the wallet or pocketbook.

The all in one machines, can scan, printer, copy, read from media cards, wireless and hard wired connections, USB, and much more.

Then comes the sticker shock. Ink costs.

That discount printer? Great price, till it comes time to buy new ink.

As one person commented on a news shows, he found some more valuable and costlier than gold, printer ink.

The dirty little secret, is, there is no money in the hardware, the profit is in the ink.

Now, if you are printing and selling the works, the cash flow is good.

For the casual user, a lab or on-line site, keeps the costs low.

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  • Cindy Schnackel
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