Thanks for putting it out there

Riding with the Mrs. and an acquaintance to dinner at a local hot spot, we drove past the Owens Corning Campus in Toledo.

Beaming with pride and a warm and fuzzy feeling, I reached for a smartphone to share something.

I pulled up the Urban Times page, where the image is featured, and the acquaintance said to me, thanks for putting it out there.

There, being on the web.

Ohhhhh, but the web is scary and people do naughty things, I said. They steal images!!, but oddly enough I still have the files, so what’s stolen, I asked. Nothing I guess, she replied.

Of course, I said, we can create art and show it to nobody, hide it away, in fear or misunderstanding, or, I said, we can create art, share it, so others can see it and share what we see and create.

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