Too few, too many, or just right?


I think of this as my portfolio that I will be presenting to a gallery director the next day (or even one that a director might stumble upon without me knowing). Would I put in 3 variations of the same work and then ask them which one they liked? Would I include work that I know is unfinished?”

What Should You Upload?

To me, as I am looking to expand myself as a photographic artist, this statement is important.

We can, upload, hundreds upon thousands, if, we wish too.

Then, we ask, why am I not be found or followed, etc.

Could be, the sheer numbers of works are staggering and we humans, have a short attention span and we need something to catch our eye and make us want to stop and look, instead of repetitive pieces, nearly the same.

Is it an art gallery or a photo sharing site, we seek?

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