The New Kodak

Working in retail for the past few years, this is not surprising, the change of business direction of Kodak.

The camera field is very crowded as well as the home printer field.

“We expect a very good fourth quarter,” said Kodak CEO Antonio Perez.

Kodak declined to speak with NPR for this story, but Perez spoke on the company’s investor conference call last month. He said that things are looking up.

“All four of our digital growth businesses will expand in the fourth quarter,” Perez said.

But none of those are camera businesses. Kodak even recently sold off i
ts image-sensor division, reportedly for a couple hundred million dollars.

Kodak has long been in the process of a painful transformation that’s seen tens of thousands of Kodak workers in the Rochester area lose their jobs.

When Perez talks about the company’s “digital transformation” and the “new Kodak,” he’s talking about four growth businesses in particular — three of which serve the commercial printing industry.

Perez says, “They will be the nucleus of the new Kodak.”

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