Today, I stepped out of my role as a tech rep

And helped a guest.

A lady was trying to print collage pictures composed by her office staff and she was using a Kodak Picture Maker Station. The kiosks with a monitor and card reader and dye-sub printers.

The images looked like Andy Warhol works, the multiple color images.

She and the associate took the thumb drive to the in-store kiosks and tried the media. Same result.

I was taking up space while waiting to perform my service and was asked to help.

Took the media and opened on my netbook. Looked good. Noticed a space in the title, sometimes that freaks out software, saved with no space, nope, same Warhol effect. Tried a couple more ways of saving with different names, nope, still Warhol images.

Opened each file in editing software, saved as a .jpg and wa-la, problem solved. The jpg header was probably corrupted and the guest was delighted, we exchanged pleasantries and I assumed taking up space till the printer was available.

The associate mentioned to me Irfanview greet freeware to fix, etc., digital image files.

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