New tool in the social media tool box

I saw the site on a news release and reading about the site made me want to know more, as using social media and social networking is so much than, quotes, status updates, etc. It is about conversation, reputation, relationship building, trust and so much more .This makes me feel that prollie is a valuable tool in the social media tool kit

It allows me to measure how I am using social media and connecting with others.

“We know the unique difference between a post, a quote, a link, and a ‘like’. We can share, tag, tip, and tweet with the best of them, and always know when and who to poke. Check-in champs and re-blog hogs, our creed is our newsfeed and our prime time is our timeline. We have a deep respect for the medium and for anyone who uses it fervently to share their passions to the world.

That’s why we’re out to create a platform to enhance this belief. Social media shouldn’t just be about the number of people who follow you, or the quantity of reblogs you get. It’s about you, no matter who you are. It’s about your personal mastery of the medium, the emotion you put into it and the passions that you want to trumpet to the world." – About

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