July 2013 Irwin Prairie State Nature Preserve

July 7, 2013 I visited the Irwin Prairie State Nature Preserve, a cloudy and at time rainy day.

Happy I chose the day as the light was just right, with the clouds helping to diffuse the light.

I am not aware of the species of plants I photograph. I submit the images to the department and a botanist identifies them, if they are native or invasive.

This little gem is, Grass-leaved Arrowhead, a state endangered species.

See more here Summer at Irwin Prairie State Nature Preserve by Mitch Labuda

Spot the dragonfly

Continuing in my monthly visits to the Irwin Prairie State Nature preserve.

Early July visit, preserved soaked from nearly week of on and off again rain, filled up the meadows and brought out many dragonflies.

Some seemed to have blocked my way, at times, till we visited long enough and then flew off.

Can you see the one in this image?

Our food and drink, our greatest health worry

Reading the headlines and this gem, appears.

“Trace amounts of 4-Mel have not been linked to cancer in humans.”

“The chemical is 4-methylimidazole, or 4-Mel, which can form during the cooking process and, as a result, may be found in trace amounts in many foods.”

It’s in soft drinks in the U.S., possibly elsewhere, but other countries have stricter rules and regs., than the U.S.

Something else to ban from my diet and consumption.



Resonance is a word and concept, I had not thought about or paid much attention, till, I received a twitter brand assessment.

My efforts on social media and resonating, were lacking.

We can post till the cows come home about anything and everything, but, if people are not connecting or engaging with what we offer or share, it’s noise on the wires.

Over posting, is no help, people lose interest.

Posting about non brand related content to an audience can turn them off.

So, I’ve learned to be on topic and stick to my brand on social media and leave the personal thoughts and sharing with family and friends to other outlets and stick to staying focused on my brand.

Primus Too many puppies

Gotta admit, when I saw the title, I figured puppies as in little dogs.

Then, oh dear, it brings out the late 60’s and 70’s protests for me.

Too many in foreign lands with guns.

Matching buyer with art

An update from a site that sells reprints and offer the artist the ability to sell originals, is making changes to match buyers with art.

Both private individuals and interior designers.

Sure seems like an idea whose time has come and could very well, increase exposure, and sales, for those can offer what a designer might be looking for.

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