New Beginnings

Greetings to all!
I am new to “RedBubble” and am impressed with how it all looks so far. I am really excited about working towards my goal of earning a living from my photography. I am a student of “New York Institute of Photography” and am learning so much.
I use a digital SLR for all of my photography and I just because it frees me up to shot as many frames as I want and it also lets me see the shot right after I make it. There is no way that I could afford to pay for the film and processing.
These are all reasons that most people have for going Digital well that’s how I see it anyway.
Digital Photography has open up my life in many ways. I am a Bilateral below knee amputee and I use a power chair to get around. I do not use any prosthesis’s because of nerve damage. Photography has gotten me out of a state of depression and has opened doors to a fuller and blessed life. I am not able to go far to find things that I like to photograph, but I have learned that there is so much to see right in my backyard.

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