Another Perspective

Attending a great school does not make you more intelligent than those who don’t. You put forth effort in your teens to get good grades/possibly scholarships. If you didn’t get scholarships your parents had the money or you made a decision to take out a hefty loan. My teen years were particularly rough; I went through a lot & experienced a lot. Although my time wasn’t spent studying calculus, it was spent learning from my environment. It was spent learning how to accept things I can’t change, learning how to find power within myself to push forward and learning what it means to grow as a person, I found a sense balance. Before you stick your nose up at me and assume because I attend a community college I am below you, consider the fact I chose my own path and made my own decisions very conscious of what I could handle. I chose to stay home, save money & work part time with the goal of eventually transferring to a university. Because I chose to pace myself, I made honor roll.

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