Hmmm, what to say here? I’m a woman, I live in a small town in rural Kentucky, I’m married, no kids, but have cats and two dogs. On the surface, not much interesting there.

I used to think of myself as more an admirer of art and photography than an artist myself. I messed around with image editors a bit and made a small handful of abstracts. Then I got into Terragen. I finally had something I could work with! Eventually I outgrew it but didn’t really feel like learning how to use more complex 3d programs. I had also worked with Apophysis, but it was more like a toy that made pretty pictures than a real art program for me. Oh, it is a real art program, don’t get me wrong, but one has dedicate oneself to it to get that level of art out of it, which I wasn’t really interested in doing.

Sometime during all of this my husband bought me a cheap digital camera. It was awful but it was all we could afford at the time (digital cameras were more expensive then). I only got one good picture out of that thing ever, and I use that one as my avatar (that’s Callie, a wonderful kitty I had then). After that, the camera sat forgotten on my overcrowded, cluttered desk. Finally, three years ago, he bought me a better camera. Autumn came right after that, and it was one of the most colorful and beautiful autumns anyone could remember. When he was off work we took the new camera to the lake and shot hundreds of photographs. Well, it wasn’t that great a camera, and neither of of us knew more than how to aim and shoot, so the majority of those photographs weren’t worth keeping. Some were however, and more could be rescued with Photoshop. Thus, I learned a lot more about Photoshop and photography in the same year.

Two years ago I broke down and borrowed the money to get an even better camera. I wished I could’ve afforded a real DSLR but decided this Canon PowerShot would have to do. I wasn’t disappointed with it. Whereas I used to struggle to get one-fifth of my shots to turn out suddenly some three-fourths turned out. Even more turned out when you consider that the ones that don’t look so great will be fine with basic photo enhancements (contrast, sharpening, etc.).

This year I bought a Sony Nex-3. It’s a great camera but I’m finding it difficult to use because most of the options and features are disabled by default. So I’m having to hunt down all the features and settings to adjust to my liking. Nevertheless, even though the aperture and ISO is set way too high out of the box (they always are, apparently), the pictures still have a wonderful clarity. I’ve also purchased a Kodak z981. It’s proven to be an awesome camera, especially as I paid just a bit over $200 for it with a 5-year service plan. Most would consider it an “entry” DSLR but it sure takes fantastic pictures for all that. The clarity isn’t quite as good as my Sony Nex-3, but it also gives photos a bit of an old-fashioned look that I find appealing.

I like to say my artistic journey has been a varied and twisting one for just a few short years. You can see my progress more fully here.

Nature photography is certainly my first love but I don’t know where I might go from here. Who knows? I might start photographing people if I find a good model.

Well, that came out much longer than I expected. I hope you enjoy viewing my photos!

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Thoughts About Grief

My grandmother died this morning. She was the only close relative I had left. All the others are on my father’s side of the family, and even though most don’t live that far away, I’ve been out of contact with them since my mother died in 2001. / I arrived early at the nursing home this morning to accompany her to the cancer center in Campbellsville. The paramedics were loading h…
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Well, I'm back

We’re online again. I’ve finished putting all the new banners from my groups on my profile page and have even joined a couple of new groups. Plus, I’ve uploaded a spring photo of redbuds in bloom. I’ve also updated my DA profile and sorted through my gallery. I’ve joined Shadowness at the invite of a friend, but it has such strict limits on the size of files non-payi…
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Still offline at home

I don’t know when I’ll be getting internet service again. I hope it won’t be long! When I do I’ll contribute and participate again. / In other news, I found out that I have high blood pressure around the first of October. Fortunately the medicine I need is pretty cheap. Both my parents had high blood pressure so I knew it would get me eventually. Oh well.
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Yesterday was eventful

It had been raining for the past three days straight. The creek out back was so high that it was covering the bottom two steps at my back door. Yesterday morning at 7 am, firemen came to my door and told me I had to evacuate, probably for a full 24 hours. We’ve been living in this hellhole for almost nine years and I’ve seen some hellacious spring storms, but I’ve never been eva…
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