well finally some good news...

Well finally there is some good news – it seems that my stepfather will actually be coming out of the hospital and perhaps things will settle down here shortly. Mom talked to the social worker yesterday and she said that Ivan is medically able to go home! But first they have to get home care set up so that someone will be there when she goes to work that will take about a week or 2. So perhaps he can go home by Easter which would be nice.

Of course his son has to start things up again – now that he has no access to the money he’s starting to phone the bank and asking questions and the bank made the mistake of telling his son that my mom now has power of attorney. I think thats wrong. They should’ve just told him that they can’t tell him anything because he doesn’t have power of attorney and its no longer a joint account. I’m betting that he’s going to contest that power of attorney but good luck, mom had someone from the hospital in the room with them when he signed it. So….he’s out of luck and out of money. He apparently called the hospital yesterday and wanted to talk to Ivan. Ivan did for a few minutes but basically told him to buzz off…so..good for him.

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  • Jennifer Vickers