an update on me

Well, first of stepfather has made it into a nursing home..however his health does seem to be going downhill. They say he now has a heart problem and his legs and feet are swelling up pretty good…more then i’ve ever seen …my mother is still stressed..she now has the flu to deal with as well. He is scaring some of the staff at the home because he gets mad pretty fast..and does shake his fists at the staff…
he isn’t sleeping much…so they are starting to sedate him..which I don’t really agree with…

I managed to get sick and had bronchitis that i’m still trying to get over. I still have some of the cough…for the past month or so.

My job is ending after close to 12 years tomorrow…and I still have to find another job…not that I would mind a couple weeks off…I did take the buyout that they offered me but of course i’m gonna keep looking for another job even if I have to go back to working temp jobs.

so …next week since i’ll have more time i’ll be on here more…at least I hope so.
I miss all my friends on here..but I’ll be back soon.

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