adopted 2 new friends on the weekend

Sorry that I haven’t been here much lately but on Saturday, Jim and i adopted 2 new little pals..2 black cats..from the humane society here in Winnipeg. Very sad what people to do can people be so cruel?We had saw some sad stories there..someone had put a cat in a crate..nailed it shut and left it under a bridge…..of course its cold here in winnipeg at this time of year too..not that it matters if its cold or hot..just as bad..also some cats were brought in that had their feet frozen to a cat trap..geez.

Yes we did go for 2 cats…of course to keep each other company…
both of them are black of course ..what other color would there be for me? lol
I’ve always wanted a black cat and now I have I’ve been spending time playing with my 2 babies. The boy is 1 and a half.. and the girl one month younger then him..
they aren’t siblings but they almost look alike.

1 boy and 1 girl…I named them Salem and Sabrina respectively. I may post photos soon…i’ll see if I can get better photos to post.

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