i'm here :D

I know i’ve been gone a long time but so much has been happening..
work has kept me really busy and still some “drama” going after my stepfathers passing away. so lots of fun but i’ll try being around more often now and start to upload more images.
I will note that on of my camera’s has died the olympus e420 apparently has had enough … oh well..gotta save up for a new one.

hello again

it is now 2016 and I haven’t been online here a lot…been very busy..started a new job in 2012 …
been through a lot..
my stepfather has passed away from Alzheimer disease. lots going on but i’m still taking photos and i will post a couple today :-) if you remember me ..
say hi

still alive

I know i’ve been gone a long long time..but i’ve had a lot going on this year…started off with my father in law dying..then my mom getting sick and almost dying in the hospital….had to put her dog down…then I lost my cousin unexpectedly and now…well my step father is in the hospital and it’s just a matter of time…he does have Alzheimers….and well now has pneumonia and a partially collapsed lung..not to mention my job is keeping me really busy and i’m burned out by the time I get home.

i'm still living...

however, things haven’t been that great..almost lost my mother..she’s still not well but at least out of the hospital. It was pretty close because she became septic…she’s home but in a lot of pain…has to get around with a walker…so.. things are no where near normal. i’ll be back soon..hopefully..oh its month end at work so today was 8 am till 6:48 pm…
tomorrow possibly longer.

sorry that I haven't been around

a lot is going on in my life, with the step father in the nursing home. my boyfriend jim..his step father is terminal with cancer..not sure if he is gonna make it past christmas or even to it.. . I am actually working now at an inbound call center …taking calls for donations to various charities including the salvation army both in canada and the united states. I feel good helping people but I never really thought of working in a call center…anyway just thought I would give an update ..I may be on later and upload a couple of images

an update on me

Well, first of stepfather has made it into a nursing home..however his health does seem to be going downhill. They say he now has a heart problem and his legs and feet are swelling up pretty good…more then i’ve ever seen …my mother is still stressed..she now has the flu to deal with as well. He is scaring some of the staff at the home because he gets mad pretty fast..and does shake his fists at the staff…
he isn’t sleeping much…so they are starting to sedate him..which I don’t really agree with……

I managed to get sick and had bronchitis that i’m still trying to get over. I still have some of the cough…for the past month or so.

My job is ending after close to 12 years tomorrow…and I still have to find another job…not that I would mind a couple weeks off…I did take the buyout that th


I know its been quite a while since i’ve been on here and i’ve missed everyone…
but i’m still trying to find another job and I found out yesterday that I have until march 24th to pick one of 4 options…
so I have a lot on my mind. I will upload a few photos for everyone to see..but I still may not be around much until I can figure things out.

getting published in local newspaper

I was contacted this morning by a reporter for a local paper called the times…
he is doing a story on the hockey team I volunteer for and wants to publish a photo of mine..with credits of cool! another piece for my scrapbook

sorry that I've been away

real life seems to be getting in the way..although I am still posting stuff on renderosity..
I do have some good news though, my stepfather has been accepted to a nursing home but of course we now have to wait for him to get the room which could take us into next year. Mom is finding it hard to look after him even with the help from homecare, but she is struggling along. I really hope she doesn’t have to drop him off at the emergency ward to tell them she can’t handle him ……
sometimes the homecare people let him sleep all night mom can’t get him into bed ..till the middle of the night and she still works….
well.not gonna go into all the details, but life is stressful right now……

I still have to find another job, although I am getting some good practice at tests and interviews…
I h

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