i'm still here ...

howdy bubblefriends … just to let you know i’m still alive and creating – i’m just doing something a bit secret for someone, that i can’t put up on RB for the meantime – i’m missing all the feedback and chat! Keep on creating, and i’ll be back in due course xx

A little challenge/request for my RB friends ....

Hey guys – many of you will already be aware of my ‘Muse’ character that pops up in my gallery here and there ….
As you may know, I see him as the keeper of my creative energy – my ‘soul protector’ – a kind of guardian angel without the christian overtones.. He emerged spontaneously in a drawing many years ago, and remains my most important drawing .. and I think we all have one.
My challenge, or request, is -I WANT TO SEE YOURS!! I’m fascinated to see what the amazing artists on this site would produce when they sit down and let their muse emerge.
There are only two stipulations – that the muse be guarding a candle, and have something growing from their head…. hope that’s ok!
I’d be delighted if any of you took this up – have fun…!!

I'm still here...

Hi RB freinds … I’m still alive – just been getting on top of the more day-to-day aspects of life lately. If you are a Melbourne Bubbler, and need an excuse to head over to St. Kilda for a coffee, I’ll have a bunch of my digital stuff hanging up at the galleon cafe from mid-may. it’s my intention to have a ‘proper’ exhibition before the years out, so this is a good chance to print up a few images i haven’t seen on paper yet.. there’s heaps of them!
Also, i’ve taken over the house i was previously sharing, and am turning one of the rooms in my house into a studio – i’ve decided to have a crack at the world of paint and canvas. i haven’t done a painting since high school, so it’ll be an adventure.
Regards to all ;-)

a tongue-in-cheek observation ....

Just checked who’s been adding me to their watchlist lately – and it’s an unbroken line of about 8 women, all of whom, if their profile pic’s are anything to go by, are rather gorgeous ,,, lol… flattering, of course, but where are the fellas?? Is my my work GIRLY?? Damn, I’d better start doing pictures of cars and football players ….. ;-)

"if i showed you I'd have to kill you" ...

For the two or three people who might be wondering why there’s been no new work in my gallery lately – I’m actually very busy, creating cartoon characters for a dude who wants to sell his idea for an animated TV series to a large pay-TV channel, where he has connections … if that rings a bell, it’s coz i was asked to do it ages ago, but have been sitting on my surprisingly fat arse for about a year, and have finally got off it and am pulling my end of the project together (instead of pulling my ….). I have til the end of november to get it all done, and can’t post any of the drawings for obvious copyright-based reasons… like i said above – If i showed you ….
It’s been good to re-engage my drawing skills, and a relief to know they’re still there! Once this baby’s wrapped up, there’ll be a s…

can you guys do me and a friend a wee favour ...

I while back I set up an RB gallery for an old friend of mine, Gavin liddle (GavinL), and he’s been really slack at maintaining it and participating in RB, so consequently his Gallery has had very few visits, which is a shame – coz his photography is fabulous. He’s a bit of a shrinking violet at times, and it’s hard to get him motivated to put himself out there… i’d love to see him inundated with comments, so he might start to understand the value of this site …

I'm 40!

I was born on the day of the Apollo 11 moon landing – My parents added Armstrong to my name at the last minute, so I’m a living commemoration of that day … I love that I’m a cancerian, which is ruled by the moon …
Obviously that means that the moon landing itself is a cancerian event -cool and spooky!
Interestingly, america’s star sign is cancer, as it became an independant nation on july 4th!
It’s hard not to conclude that America was destined to get there first….?

"currency" sells as a card!

I’m stoked that somebody will send that image to somebody else on a card – i love the idea of it travelling around as a physical object, not just a bunch of ones and zeros, independent of me…. thanks, whoever you are.


As the previous entry points out, I’ve submitted two designs to as T-Shirt designs. They are up for votes over the next 7 days, and if they get enough votes to get them to the production stage, they will make me a fairly substantial sum of money – enough to get a couple o’ little dreams off the ground.
I really need some help with this one … so if you have the time, please do go to the links for both designs and vote for them … This means a lot to me.
Thanks a lot x
Here’s the link;

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait