midnight stroll part 2

I stood there at the door and tried to ring the door bell. I went so far as to reach for the button then yanked it back. My hand shook so much I almost dropped the tulips That Sam ordered for me from her florist. I would have been a shame to have ruined them and there by the evening. I had to spend a good hour bushing off my vest and mourning coat getting ready for tonight. Yes it is from the turn of the century, Yes I kept it. You never know when something is going to come back into style. Oddly enough it seemed fitting for tonight. While I hate man cloths, these are at least comfortable and well tailored.

So there I stood, I could hear the sound of the party getting under way. Not your usual bacchanal of a modern party with the thrum of base and an over volume work of modern noise that passes for music. This was the delicate trink and tink of wine glasses along with the steady murmur of conversation punctuated by a gentle laugh. There was the vaguely sweet scent that accompanies Vampires as they are always on the verge of decay. It slowly quieted down and the first notes of Puccini’s Quando me’n vo drifted through the door. That aria always brought me back home, the loss, the longing and fire. I could feel the drop in my hara, that intense feeling of pain that comes with seeing things you wish you could un see. I felt sick enough that I had to lean up against the jam of the door. The acrid scent smoke and meat flashing into my nostrils. A sharp breath and It cleared, and the pain faded as quickly as it came.I had just enough time to straighten up and look pleasant, before the door opened. I looked up into the forever Boyish face of Ethan Graham. Ethan and I go way back . We met when I was working vice. He was astride that hog of his watching out for “his” girls. Not a pimp per say but more a big brother. He was one of those thugs who managed to keep his jacket clean and his nobility intact. Over the years I watched him grow, pull is balls out of the vice and slam through law school. Now he is a DA and the most likely how Lyle was able to get a hold of me. Good thing his ratatouille is the best I have ever shove in my mouth.His smile widened as he chewed on his cigar. His eyes lit up when ever he was about to be smug. He sucks at poker, but is killer in court. No stone left unturned. We are in an odd way cousins of a sort hegenokai, shape shifters, He got bit, I well, to be honest I am just clever

’Bout time you got your scruffy ass here."

He stepped aside and gave a slightly gallant bow, I patted him on the shoulder, those ropy arms swathed in a fine almost impermeable brocade went around me forming a very gregarious back slapping hug. His breath was warm and soft in my ear as he whispered.“Watch out for that pretty little tail of yours in there.”I gave him a quick look that let him know we were on the same page He smiled at me as we shook hands warmly. His grip lingered as it always does. He has always been protective of me. What can I say he likes red heads. Save a wolf once and they just stick around.We strolled into the sitting room and I must have gripped his shoulder a bit hard when their eyes touched me. His muscles flinched under my hand. A quick pat and I walked into the room.Marianne was the one who was singing, her voice clear and resonate like all well trained voices are is way slowly, and most languidly through the aria. Good news is at a party like this your expected to shed a tear, No one really cares why your dabbing your eyes or what lost tale your reliving. A touch of emotion is al that is required for these moment. Most were clapping before the last note was finished, the sign of a person who wants to be seen enjoying good art rather than actually enjoying it. She did her bows and then move down the isle towards me with her hand held out in that old world manner. I took her hand in the man fashion that was appropriate for her mannerisms. She had either been near a heater or had cracked the glamour needed to appear alive. her hand was warm" ’Enchantee Madame Chardin " I said as I near kissed her hand. looking upward as was customary.

Her scent was off and her eyes clear as she smiles at me and gave that tittering laugh women of her time were taught. Not unlike a young Maiko. at a tea house.

“Ko Nba Nwa Shippo san” she crooned with a horrible accent.“A good evening to you as well Madame Chardon”A servant took the flowers from me and showed them to Marianne before.“George uses the delft ware vase and place it in the conservatory”

Thank you aka -i the flowers are lovely.

Great she has this life’s full name. I should nor be surprised.Her arm slipped around my mine and she led me out of the room.“Come say hello to Lyle.”No points for guessing that my hara did another drop, but I managed to keep pace with her nodding at the right times as lightly chat with me. I have to admit I was preoccupied. Something her glamour was too good, the scent to light, I could feel her warmth against me slipping side to side as her hips swayed slightly. I was brought out of my thoughts when she released and I looked up into the eyes of Lyle whose smile and outstretched hand made me want to vomit.

“Lieutenant so good of you to come. Marianne you must be pleased.”

“I am love, I find our guest fascinating. I could sit and talk the night away.”

“Indeed, Ethan was telling me earlier about your exploits, and it seems your recent is no less exciting. he said when your were younger they used to call you, …what was it Yoshi satsi, satsu

“Yosei Satsujin -han” There was that drop again as everything fell into place. The warmth, the scent, the glamour being so strong. She was not a vampire

“What does it mean?” Marianne asked

I felt Marianne brush her hand over my shoulder as she went to sit by Lyle. I could not look away from her, that enchanting face, the eyes that seemed to never hold one color. I swallowed hard, my voice cracking.

“It means fairy killer”

midnight stroll part 2


Syracuse, United States

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