And there is always the work.

I have 4 things i have to work on.

One a friend who is far far away wanted a picture of a fox, a wolf, a a boarder collie, so that she has something to remind her of home. The fox no problem, the wolf I had a beautiful picture I took a while ago. Its the boarder collie that will be difficult.

Two is a book cover for a friend that has proven to be a real challenge. A story about a woman whose sister thinks she is being watched and ends up killed. The cliche is easy to shoot i am looking for more subtle.

Three finish my movie Marlowe, I have to add the new footage reshoot some old footage and shoot one scene from scratch. I want this done so I can move on and script the adult themed tupper ware movie, scifi thriller calle Joe six and fox tales.

Four is a simple memorial for a man I knew who was an amazing swords man, tis past week has been difficult but I think having a focus wil hold the good mood and bright day I have carved out of the gloom.

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