wedding pictures

My Artist cousin and his artist girlfriend got married yesterday. My artist father who creates art with food, catered the wedding. My other artist family members, the singers, the quilters, the aspiring comic artist and the photographer were all there. We have toasting cups the bride made, the houpa was made by may aunt, The cake was a nice abstract sculpture and the food was applauded by the crowd at about the decibel level of a high school pep rally.

It was held north of where I live in the Adirondack park. We have a long standing connection with the river and the land around it. I spent my summers there, walking through paradise. The old family cabin feels a little smaller, the campground a little more decayed but the truth of the place still permeates the air. It is still like sitting on the bank of the Indus or the Nile in my mind. I feel like Burton when I sit on it’s banks. I could easily run up there and try to start my artist retreat business and never look back.

I have no pictures of the wedding, in fact I have only a few pictures of that river and the wood around it. If you ever wondered where all the ideas come from for the writing and the art, just look and try to spot what is just off camera in the corner of the eye.

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