Bangour Hospital Village

Today, I decided to visit Bangour Hospital. I thought it would be an abandoned hospital with a few outbuildings….but I was verrrrry wrong! The hospital itself has been demolished, but the village is still there. It is huge, a whole village abandoned! There must be over 20 buildings abandoned including the nurses accomodation, clinics, shops, admin, fire and safety offices, and even a church! The amazing thing is, despite being abandoned for so many years, the place is still in fairly good condition and some of it is even powered still, I got the fright of my life when i pressed the light switch and the whole room lit up!! I only managed to get into one of the buildings, but i have plans to go back at some point to investigate some more.

Oh, and I nearly forgot….any film buffs reading this, they used some of the buildings here for exterior shots for the film “The Jacket” with George Clooney!

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