Here is my heart for everyone to see....please be gentle

Here is the thing, I love my life. I have a family that is more amazing than I deserve. I have friends that will be with me to the end of my days. I have a God who is more patient with me and more loving of me than my little brain can imagine. I am a happy person. Really…

Then this summer came and nothing specific happened but I am exhausted, sad, defeated, emotional (allll the time). It takes me all day to get my dishes done and joy is not as common in my days as it usually is. I talked to my midwife a few months ago and she recommended that I get on some antidepressants. So I am. and they have been going great.
However, the last 2 days have been really hard. My husband and I are actilvey trying to get out of debt…but the more determined we are about it, the harder things get. We both own our own business and his has had ALOT of VERY expensive, unexpected things happen. We are living by our pennies to get out…most days we are so e xcited and feel energized by how hard we are working. Other days (like yeseterday and today) it feels so overwhelming.

I have no idea why I am writing all of this on here, except that I just need to! It seems that everyone on here is so open and supportive and frankly, it is just nice to vent my heart to others I dont know.

God is Joy and Peace and hope…he has offered these things to me freely and it is this and only this that has gotten me thru some of the darkest of days. I am counting on that again…but for now, until I can “feel” it, I like sharing my heart!


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