Animation Comic and Games Fair Hong Kong 2008

It takes place every year, and this year it will be from August 01 to 05. It’s my honour (and it’s my first time) to be invited to participate in one of the sections named “Ani-Com Art-Idol”. Participating artists are to present a sculpture/figure of a comic hero and add personal styles to it. This year, since it’s the olympic year, “sports elements” are also required to be added to the sculpture/figure too.

Right, I have been busy preparing my sculpture (a sleepy Felix the Cat doing “rings”) for this fair, and thus not uploading new works to RB lately (sorry… but I am still active reading your new works and journals here). Besides this sculpture, I am also lucky enough to get a free counter to sell my products, so I am also busy preparing my “products”… doing silk-screen tees, handmade coasters, bags, printing caps, etc. of my designs.

Very busy, but I am enjoying all these a lot!

I tried to check their website, but doesn’t seem to me there’s an English version… anyways, here is the link:

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