Thunder rolls though the sky,
Raindrops at the window pane,
Breeze softly caresses.

A sigh escapes soft, subtle lips,
Arched back stretches, slender legs,
Sleepy blue eyes open.

Coffee warm and smell divine,
Flicker flames, burning bright,
Warm and cozy – shiver.

Steamy heat, clear the mind,
Cascades of water, tiny drops,
Warm heart, skin glistens.

Here in silence, mind awaken,
Thoughts of love, beating heart,
Another sigh, ever softer.

My thoughts now turn to you…


occupied by strength and virtue,


uplifted with tender feeling,

Cannot tame my beating heart,
My simple love for you,
Be not afraid my sweet desire.

Strong resolve, peaceful mind,
as I wait here in the quiet,
Only time will let us be.

For it is you,
When softly as you touch my soul,
My heart for you grows stronger.

How you make me tremble.

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