Cannot breathe – inside these walls so close.
Wretched soul – darken slowly with the hold.
Strangled heart – ever beating, wilder, darker.
Blackened thoughts – frought with anger.
Flesh crawling – dread becoming.
Tired mind – devoid of feeling.
Common ground – silently slipping.

You are gone – yet you still remain.
Love me – let me go.
Know me – see me become.
Hate me – be aware.
Forgive me – I know you care.

For all my wrongs – mistakes made.
Hearts broken – tempers frayed.
False truths – shattered trust.
Disappointment – If I’d stayed.

Hear me now – speak the truth.
You must move on – and live.
Trust again – love another.
Give your heart – find a lover.

Years we shared – good and Bad.
I always loved – though you thought not.
Cry your tears – as I cry mine.
Find yourself – give it time.

Please find your way – know yourself.
Find your trust – In another.
See me change – find myself.
Let go now – please don’t ….


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