As I sit in quiet contemplation,
as I grow weary tonight,
My heavy heart beating softly
to the music in my mind.

Thoughts wander swiftly,
to another place, calm and slight.
Where my heavy heart may rest,
where my withered soul may reignite.

Shall I ponder, wistfully waiting?
For time is short, here but once,
and gone – another day comes
silently slipping through my fingers.

What inconvenience?
Ease the way in which I suffer.
Share my pain, cry my tears softly
in the arms of another.

Love somebody till it hurts,
know I have loved with all
of my heart and soul, simple,
beautiful, wonderful, LOVE.

Hate someone? Let it go.
Feel my freedom return like
an old friend – embrace the feeling.
Forgive – Learn from it – Let it last.

Listen to the music continue
to play in my mind,
My heart beating, soul dancing,
feeling, growing, loving, laughing.


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