Oh my. I have wasted my day looking through all this artwork on redbubble. I am lost in mesmerizing artwork. I cannot stop but must. It is incredible to me how I’ve spent the entire day on here just looking and looking and looking at this unending waterfall of work. And all of the work that is on here is very humbling. A friend of mine used that word today and it echoed to me over and over and over again, and it sums up everything that I have been feeling today. Humbled and blessed.
And if anyone can answer me a question real quick…. How do you get on the popular artwork page? Do they count the hits to your page or how do they do it? Just curious….. I would very much like to be under the category popular artwork. What a very intense feeling. Popular.
How do you get your artwork out there? Or your blogs? Who is going to answer this? Who is going to read this? In a way, it is very comforting that no one will read this, and yet, I am all alone. I am fearful of being alone. I find comfort in my own words spewed across the lands. From my computer to yours, my voice carries through the waves, through the sunrises and the sunsets, over the ocean just like a grease fire…..

And there I go again, off into my poetry (or whatever you call it) trip. Ha! I laugh at myself. K. Answer here. :)

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