It's Therapeutic...

What I have discovered lately is that taking photos for me is more about the relaxing feeling of holding your camera, walking around, photographing something that appeals to you (and perhaps only you) and hearing that satisfying ‘snap-whir-whir’ that my camera makes. The fact that I haven’t bothered to develop a few of my rolls of film seems to signify something to me, and I couldn’t work out what it was until I realised that it’s the photographing part of photography that I like, and actually having the picture to look at doesn’t seem that neccessary to me at the minute. Wow what a weird weird person I am. I was the same when i played squash; I loved the training and hated the matches. I suppose that sometimes you get your photos back and they no longer hold the magic or intrigue that existed when you took the photo. Maybe it is just me trying to justify my laziness in developing the films. Hmmmm this is an interesting aspect that I have stumbled across. It’s not like this when i am dancing – all aspects are important to me.
LOL now the funny thing is that i am now busting to get those films processed because now I have decided that I really do want to see the photos… what a hipocrisy I turned out to be!!

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