it's stopped.

I havent been on this site much lately, and as such I tend to miss a lot of comments that people leave my work. I just found a comment that someone had left about ‘giving comments getting comments’ or something and how i seem to have missed the point. and as such this person had hoped to see an evolution in my work and there was none.

Sure, I suppose when you favourite something there is the hope that the artist will show you more, or that you will respond back to that person’s work. So, now, I feel bad, when I know I probably shouldn’t because it is a person in cyber space who i have never met, but somehow feel like I have let down (gratned this comment was four months ago – totally missed it… ).

But, this now leads me to the shocking realisation that the reason why Ihavent been on here that often is because I have not been doing any art work for at least the best part of a year. Most of the stuff I uploaded were uni pieces, and now that I am not at uni and not making things, I have nothing to upload or contribute so I just dont come on here. I have reached a total, utter, photographic stanstill. there has been no evolution in my work because I havent even conceptalised an evolution. I havent touched my camera in a year.
More to it, if i DID pick up my camera, I would stand there for about half an hour working out where to go or what to do and I would just be stuck, so I would take a couple of half-arsed images and feel lost.

i admire people that find constant sources of inspiration. I wish i knew how to do it. I

dont get me wrong, I am also a dancer and have choreographed my own show and doing heaps of stuff with that area of my life. but, being passionate about photography, I am wondering what the hell is going on and why i can’t find that spark that so many other people have.

hmm i was about to apologise for such a whingey journal entry… but then i guess that its like apologising for your photography – you just shouldnt do it…


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