The Zodiacs

In the land of Mystery, far, far away, there lived cheery little people only 2 inches tall. They all lived in the village, overlooking the river. Dr. Dotlezard lived on the other side of the valley, in his huge lair. Lately, he had been planning to capture the valley of Mystery.

The Saviours of the valley were a band of 12 superheroes, named after the Star Signs.

Aries had long flowing red hair, she groomed it twice a day. She always wore a Ruby around her neck.

Taurus had horns like a bull and he always wore an Emerald.

Gemini, she had short, spiky blue hair and wore an Aquamarine.

Cancer had long, water hair to her ankles and wore a Moonstone.

Leo was a fighter. He had a mane of blazing fire and always had a Peridot with him.

Virgo was very compassionate. He had soft blonde hair and wore a sapphire. His dream was to change the world.

Libra was an air goddess, she had no hair and was tattooed all over. Her stone was an Opal; she wore 10 at a time, her ears, nose, neck, everywhere!

Scorpio had a Scorpion tail and could shoot extremely poisonous venom from it. He couldn’t live without his Topaz.

Sagittarius was a strong, buffy archer with short brown hair; he wore Turquoise.

Capricorn had a short-temper but wore a soothing Garnet around her neck. She had short goat ears poking out from her curly white hair.

Aquarius wore an Amethyst and a vile of sacred water around his neck.

Pisces was a cute, short, caring mermaid; she could swim in both the air and water. Her Bloodstone gave her the ability to swim in air; she had to wear it.

That day, the cheery little people of the valley were planning a ball in the Hall of Lorbridge. The mayor of The Valley of Mystery, Edmond Poirer, was watching the little people organize the ball.

Everything had been arranged. People started arriving and swaying to the soothing music. Everything ran smoothly until exactly 12midnight. The roof had been sucked off and Dr. Dotlezard was smirking in his new SettlePlex3000 aircraft he had invented earlier that day. The mayor puddled to the ‘Help’ switch plastered on the wall. He smashed the glass with his fist and hit the button.

The Zodiacs arrived in just a few minuted and when they arrived, Aquarius healed the mayor’s cuts from the glass. The other Zodiacs chased after the villain, across the river, through the pine plantation and over Geoshi Flotov Mountain. Dr. Dotlezard’s SettlePlex3000 was excellent at swerving around trees. The Zodiacs swerved around the wrong tree and lost him. They flew back to the village to tell the people what happened.

Aqaurius was waiting at the door and led The Zodiacs in. The village was gone. Even calm Virgo looked shocked. They went back to their hideout to plan their revenge on Dr. Dotlezard.
The next week they decided to send Libra to find his lair. She was an air goddess and could spy and sneak around easily. So that day she set out with Taurus to find the villains lair.

Taurus held Libra on his back and they flew over the, across the pine plantation, and over Geoshi Flotov Mountain. They got to the second plantation and got slightly lost. They stopped in their tracks and called their war tribe for Sagittarius. His Turquoise flashed and flew to help Libra and Taurus.

He reached the centre of the second pine plantation and shot an arrow from his bow. It had a length of string attached so they should follow it to the next tree. They flew above the trees until the string stopped. They flew down and shot the next arrow. They heard a metallic clunk and flew over to investigate.

The arrow had driven into a white metal wall. They flew up to observe the building and saw a huge white washing machine with a neon sign flashing at the top. It read, “Dr Dotlezard’s SECRET Lair!”. The heroes laughed and zoomed down to the door.

A buzzer and speaker was set up at the door. They pressed the button and the villain replied, “Come in!” Frankly, he was quite thick!

The Zodiacs called the others and they were all standing at the front door of Dr. Dotlezard’s lair. They couldn’t believe they were actually at their arch-enemy’s lair! They walked in and saw huge mechanical cogs and parts. Capricorn’s face turned to curious and she rested her foot on one of the spiky cogs. She got lifted up and her curly hair got tangled in the machines.

Pisces swam up to rescue her. She gently pulled out Capricorn’s hair and lifted her off the metal. Capricorn whispered her thank you and they walked up the steel stairs. Another neon flashing sign awaited them at the stop of the staircase. It read, “Dr. Dotlezard’s SUPER SECRET Room!” Man, he was VERY thick!

The Zodiacs peeked in and saw the doctor laughing pathetically and making potions bubbling and spilling all over the steel floor. The heroes just watched him for a while until he left his work bench to go to a METAL cabinet. Gemini peered in further and started tiptoeing in. The Zodiacs urged her to return but she ignored them. She dipped her pale finger in a vase of green goo and she pulled straight out grasping her finger. Aries hair grew redder and she ordered Gemini to come back. Gemini just shook her head and walked in the direction of the metal cabinet. Dr. Dotlezard wasn’t there. He was in the bathroom; a NEON sign on the door said, “DO NOT DISTURB”. Gemini opened the cabinet silently and Scorpio rushed in after her.

Gemini was very curious and usually ignored orders. Scorpio grabbed her hand to stop her from opening the cabinet but Gemini was very strong and pulled away. Scorpio had no choice but to watch her open the cupboard. A beam of light flashed out and Gemini was hypnotised to reach in for the shiny silver potion. “No!” whispered Leo. But Gemini drank the contents of the vile and collapsed. The Zodiacs bolted in the save her but she was already unconscious.

Sagittarius carried her out and they rested in an abandoned looking room. They slept there the night.

In the morning they awoke in a giant fish bowl. Gemini was still unconscious. Dr. Dotlezard was outside laughing and pointing. Cancer and Scorpio stood up to bash on the side of the glass. The doctor laughed harder and walked off.

Capricorn got really angry. Aquarius had a light bulb idea and held his vile near her hair. The sacred water filled with tiny particles of green dust. He poured a quarter of the liquid over Aries and another quarter over Leo. Their hair got extremely hot and busted the glass. They flew out and went to the village.

The not-so-cheery little people were crying and sulking in a gigantic fish bowl so Aquarius did the same as in Dr. Dotlezard’s lair. The people broke free and Dr. Dotlezard screamed and shouted. The Zodiacs laughed along with the people.


The Zodiacs


Tathra, Australia

  • Artist
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Artist's Description

Aries – Female, red hair, Ruby around neck
Taurus – Male, horns like a bull, wears Emerald
Gemini – Female, wears Aquamarine, blue hair
Cancer – Female, water for hair, wears Moonstone
Leo – Male, Fire mane, wears Peridot
Virgo – Male, soft blonde hair, wears Sapphire
Libra – Female, no hair, tattooed, wears Opal
Scorpio – Male, Scorpion tail, wears Topaz
Sagittarius – Male, archer, wears Turquoise
Capricorn – Female, goat ears, wears Garnet
Aquarius – Male, wears Amethyst and vile of sacred water.
Pisces – Female, wears Bloodstone, swims in air, water, mermaid

Artwork Comments

  • Tainia Finlay
  • MissA
  • Alison Pearce
  • MissA
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