Bubbling Over

Talk about a find! I was flicking through the latest issue of Victorian Writers’ Centre’s magazine, aptly named ‘Writer’ and noted there was a writing competition going on with a site called redbubble.com. I liked the name of the site, it sounded groovy, bubbly and red. Some of the other competitions seemed a bit… well, dowdy.

So I checked out redbubble.com and read a few of the ‘unleashed’ writing competition entries, hoping inspiration would strike me so that I could add to the huge collection of short stories. Time has run out now and I did not submit any thing either leashed or unleashed, but I love the site!

I stumbled across the photography after perusing the writing entries. All I can say is ‘Wow.’ I had to register so now here I am!

I’ve been concentrating on writing these days but redbubble has inspired me to upload some photos soon… I could let myself be intimidated by the high calibre work on the site, but I’m too inspired and excited to walk that well-worn path.

Time to start bubbling over with creativity! Yippeeee!

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