What is Christianity?

Christianity is not a religion.
Man made religion to boast about his goodness.

In the Beginning God created the Heavens and
the earth. He Is Holy, Omniscient, Omnipotent,
Eternal, Ageless, Righteous, Glorious, Loving,
always Existing, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

God created the holy angels. One third of the angels
fell, Lucifer becoming chief demon.

God created Adam and Eve, the first man and
woman, the parents of humanity.
God put them in paradise called Eden.
He said, “Walk with Me.”
They were given all of Paradise to enjoy,
all of the animals, and plants, and the beauty
of His creation to enjoy. They also had each other.

They were given one specific command,

The serpent, who was Lucifer, fallen, now chief
demon satan, tempted the woman. Young mankind
disobeyed and were expelled from the beautiful Paradise.

But the story does not end here, it really begins.
Fallen from Grace, having rebelled and sinned, from
this time forward Man became separated from God. He became
an enemy in his mind. Thus, he could no longer receive the things
of God.

God raised up Patriarchs to unfold His Plan.
There was Abraham, to whom The Promise was given,
There was his son Isaac, and his son Jacob, whom God used
to create the nation of Israel. He raised twelve tribes from
his twelve sons, including The Tribe of Judah.

Throughout Scripture God is redeeming a people.
He first called a nation, to be holy, Israel. God delivered
Israel out of Egypt, called Hebrews. He raised His servant
Moses to give His people “The Law”, which included
“The Ten Commandments.”

The Law required that people be stoned to death
for sins we now take for granted. Sexually immoral people
in The Old Testament were taken outside of the camp,
and were stoned to death.
The Law was a harsh tutor to bring us to Christ.

“For The Wages of Sin is Death.”
(Romans 6:23)

The Shekinah Glory of God traveled with His People
to take them to the Promised Land, a land flowing with
“Milk and Honey.” God was with His People, and fed them
with manna daily, except on The Sabbath. He taught them
as He teaches us now, to depend totally on Him for everything.
But the people grumbled against Him.

God told Moses to build Him a Tabernacle where
The Holies of Holies housed The Mercy Seat of God, between
The Cherubim. The Mercy Seat was laid on top of The Ark
of The Covenant. There The Lord met with Moses.

Israel traveled through the wilderness for 40 years
because of their disobedience to God. Thousands fell in
the wilderness during the 40 years. It was God’s heart
to be close to His People. He was unlike the cruel pagan gods
who demanded infants be burned on the wall.

During their dispora, God had Israel wipe out the pagan
nations around them. Many think this was cruel, or unconscionable.
The pagan nations were so corrupt with every kind of sin.
God was cleansing the land to give to His people.

When His servant Moses died, God used Joshua to continue
to continue to cleanse the land of the abominations, of every demon
god that had corrupted the people.

Through the hundreds of years after the deliverance of
Israel from Egypt, God raised up Judges and then Kings to
rule His people, to show them what God expected, to
show them what was Righteous and unrighteous. To teach
them what was holy and unholy.

Though none could keep The Law perfectly. From King Saul
to King David, to the splitting of the Kingdom of Israel under Soloman’s son
Rehoboam, to the very last recorded King of Judah Zedekiah.

God is redeeming a people.
He sent prophets to warn the people of their evil ways,
From Isaiah, to Jeremiah, to Daniel, to the lesser prophets
of Scripture. The people continued to sacrifice their infants
to pagan gods, and they continued to walk after the pagan
nations. Even though God consecrated them to Himself,
even though He wanted to sanctify them and cleanse them.
Most refused.

God is redeeming a people throughout Scripture.
In The Old Testament many sheep, goats, doves, lambs,
bulls, and animals were slaughtered for the sins of the nation
of Israel. It was commanded. The Law revealed without
the shedding of Blood there can be no forgiveness of sin.

God is redeeming a people,
In The New Testament, The Messiah would come.
He was born in humble circumstances in a manger.
He came as The Ultimate Atonement, to finally free
the people of their sins, of the burden of continually
having to sacrifice animals. This was The Plan all along.

God would give the world, His Only Begotten Son,
Jesus Christ who was Perfect before Him. He left Glory,
He left The Father, left Heaven, and came to the earth.

He came to ransom us from death and hell.
He came to save us from the wrath of God.
God’s wrath will fall upon all who do not believe
in His Son, Jesus Christ.
His wrath is written in The Book of Revelation.

But The Price to redeem a people was Blood.
Blood has always been the price under The Law
from the Beginning, which is why God slew animals to
clothe Adam and Eve.

“For Without The Shedding of Blood There Can
Be No Forgiveness.
(Hebrews 9:22)

God crushed His Son, Jesus Christ, on The Cross.
He made His Son a curse for the sins of the people.
Jesus Christ came into the world to give His Life,
He suffered, was crucified, and died.
He was laid in an empty tomb,
Three days later He was resurrected.
This was The Plan of Salvation.
Not a religion. No denominational afflilations,
no Catholics, no Baptists, no Pope.

It was for Love. The Gift of Salvation.
He promised His 12 Apostles, and His disciples
that He would send them, “The Comforter,
The Holy Spirit.”

He raised up The Church, His Body,
The Body of Jesus Christ. Who is The Church?
Those who are indwelt with The Holy Spirit.
By Faith we believe in Jesus Christ as Savior.
By Obedience in Him, He is Lord.

Faith is a Gift from God.
We cannot earn it. It is given from The Father,
as a Gift to His Son. He gives His Son, The Church.
His Bride.

Everyone doesn’t believe.
Even in The United States of America,
where there are church buildings and cathedrals
on every corner, it seems.

The Veil that blinds the world cannot be lifted
unless God lifts it, unless The Holy Spirit is Present
to reveal The Son of God, Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit is the Eyes of Faith
To Reveal God to our hearts
to reveal the evil of sin.

True believers understand and accept
The Truth of sin.
Real Repentance is believing God about sin.
It is throwing ourselves on God’s mercy,
it is to beg for God’s holiness.

True believers long to be Holy.
The Truth is we are no longer
at the mercy of sin.
Sin no longer has the power it once had.
Jesus Christ destroyed its power
at The Cross, when He was crucified,
when He bled out every drop of Blood
on our behalf.
Jesus Christ gave us power over our sins
when He was Resurrected on the Third Day.

He gave us The Gift of His Holy Spirit,
The Comforter.
The Comforter testifies The Truth of God.

There is no religion.
There is only God, The Father who gave
His Son, The Son who died and returned to Heaven
to be with His Father, and gave His Spirit to believers,
The True Church, His Body.

Christianity is beyond this world.
Religion is of this world.

He gave us His Word, The Bible
to testify of The Truth.

The Truth is The Gospel, The Good News.
The record of God in the world,
the record of God’s creation, the record
of God calling a nation, the record of God
redeeming mankind by His own Blood,
the record of The Holy Spirit, The Comforter,
the record of The Body of Christ, The Church.

Man did nothing.
All religion is nothing.
Christianity is Redemption.
Being freed and ransomed from
this world, through The Son of God,
Jesus Christ.

The result is a transformed life.
Being able to receive The Fruit of The Holy Spirit,
God’s Love, Joy, Peace, Longsuffering, Goodness,
kindness, Faithfulness,Gentleness
and Self-Control. Finally equipped to love.
We are now able to really love the world through
Christ. We are finally able to truly Love God with
a heart that is open, a soul that is willing, with a mind
that is changing. God gives us a supernatural emotional
strength to overcome any pain we may endure.
By God’s grace, wisdom and knowledge, we are not blind
disciples to religion, man or cult.

The Holy Spirit testifies of God’s Love,
of His Glory. He testifies that all who reject
The Sacrifice of Jesus Christ will burn in a firey
abyss called, “hell.”

This satisfies the wrath of God
against a corrupt and sinful world.
The Price was paid by Jesus Christ.
The Holy Spirit testifies of The Truth.

What is Christianity?

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_ The Old Testament (Isaiah 53)_

The Holy Spirit
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