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God's Ambassadors

I write today that I belong to Christ. I write that I love you Lord Jesus, and I wait for your return. I wait as a servant, I wait as a daughter, I wait as a mother, I wait as a sister, I wait as an American.

There is so much speculation as to when the Lord will return. If the anti-Christ is even present on the earth yet? How can we guess, or know. We trust that God will take us through to the time when He will come down from heaven, to the time when we are raptured.

It isn’t about prophecy so much as it is about trust and love. He says in 1Cor13, “that prophecies are nothing, and will fail.”

What is important is waiting in love. Waiting amongst wolves, waiting amongst people who would persecute us and possibly even kill us one day.

So much is happening in the world today. I have read that computer chips can be inserted under the skin. We know that God has asked us not to take certain marks in the future. No one knows when this mark will come or what it even really looks like, but it is the mark of the beast. So much information and opinion about when this will come. We have no way of knowing, and we have no way of stopping what cannot be stopped.

We must wait in earnest, wait living our lives as if Jesus were among us. As if we are following Him on the road, as the disciples did. There is alot of temptation, but indulging our flesh, and eyes, and hearts are only temporary solutions. There is something much greater for us than the trinkets of this world. So many people want to be millionaires and live a life of luxury, a life free from worry, a life where bills can easily be paid.

In today’s economy jobs are scarce. Where I live there is 17.5% unemployment, people are paid meagerly wages, people desperately look for work, thousands compete for few jobs. It is an hour of uncertainty.

So many homeless people, so many people pushing carts around town, so many with signs, so many begging for just a few dollars. The weather has gotten colder, and it makes one wonder how horrible it must be.

The times are evil, abortion is an accepted form of birth control, murder is sanctioned in the name of feminism, and same sex marriages are attempting to be pushed through the ballet box once again. Children are mistreated and abused in the worst possible ways, husbands kill their spouses, the natural affections and bonds are broken by some.

Still, we must love, and attempt to find reconcilation with others. Not necessarily acceptance, but hatred is not an option, and love with prayer are always the solution to the things that seem like mountains. But God said faith can remove mountains, and difficult obstacles, and no matter what the world appears to be, God is greater still than than our brokenness and sin.

We do not wait with hatred, we do not wait indulging ourselves, we do not wait in worry, or in sadness, or in fear of impending doom.
I believe we wait in faith, we wait searching for God’s heart, we wait giving His love to those who share this earth with us, we wait preaching His words, we wait helping others, we wait for God’s trumpet.

Who knows if we will even see His return? Who knows if it is hundreds of years away? But faith is our assurance, God will guide us through the turbulence of this life.
Who will God find standing for Him? Everyday is a test of endurance, of faith, of giving the compassion of the Lord to others. One day there will be no more days left, and we will be left to face our Creator. What will be the legacy of our lives? What did we give to others, what did we give of God, and of ourselves. These are the important questions. The questions that have meat, the questions that provide opportunity, the questions of real hope.

There is a world out there that needs the love of our Saviour. There is evil ready to ensnare the little children. We are the ambassadors of Christ, the ones who speak and act for Him.

“Now then, we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were pleading through us; we implore you on Christ’s behalf, be reconciled to God."
( 2Cor 5:20)

(written months ago)

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