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True Praise

God wants me to be humbled under His mighty hand. God hates pride. I hadn’t thought I was being proud. But in certain areas of my life I guess I have been. I have in the past rejected His love and have refused to communicate with God because I have felt He hasn’t cared or even been interested in my life. There is always mom’s antagonism to what feels like daily, and Emma’s continued obstinance. of course, there is my on going “bout” with loneliness, and the frustration I have felt over still being alone without a husband or even a boyfriend to care about me.

This morning John MacCarthur delievered a sermon about humbling ourselves under God’s mighty hand. He said God delivers in His own time, and teaches patience to the impatient. Patience in unpleasant circumstances is humility before God. We must not feel that God does not care no matter what may happen in our individual lives. This is humility, praising God and believing in Him in the most arduous of circumstances. I haven’t been like that I don’t pray because I am hurt or resentful over still being alone.

Humility takes alot of ardent prayer and alot of confession of sin. John MacCarthur said we must reject frivalous praise, and must not take even well-earned praise too seriously. Love of praise leads to pride, to a swelled head and ego, a swelled heart, and a soul that is ungrateful and demanding. We must not seek respect, but respect others for the sake of being like Jesus. For ultimately that is our destiny to be conformed into the image of Christ. We must sacrifice the fleeting feelings of praise and adoration for the sake of something much deeper, conformity to Jesus Christ.

If we don’t believe God cares, how can we give our souls, entrust ourselves and our circumstances to Him? I have recently felt like He doesn’t care, and that I am still alone, and my child has no earthly father. But we must feel confident in God’s love. We must be confident even when we feel like He’s abandoned us. True humility does not question Him, but believes that God will change the circumstances in His own time because He does love us. It is hard having that kind of faith, but ultimately the only kind of faith worth having. Unquestioned devotion and unfailing loyalty. It is easy to believe when everything is easy, but when things get hard that separates the “mature” from the “immature”. If we want spiritual maturity we have to fight our senses, and believe God. It is most natural to just rebel, and stop praying especially when we feel God is not listening anyway. But we must do the opposite submit and pray fervently, and in due time when God is ready or rather when we are ready He will bless us.

I believe that is when true praise comes when the heart has been tried and been refined. It can’t come any other way, praise is not superficial, genuine praise comes from a heart that has been crushed and has been healed by the loving Hand of a loving God.

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