Miron Abramovici

Berkeley Heights, United States

I am a researcher and textbook author famous in computer engineering. But a couple of years ago I discovered my inner artist and became...

Any artist from any country should be allowed to join RB

Please vote for this

RB has a new policy that does not allow artists from a large number of countries to join the site. The reason given is “to prevent fraud”. This does not make any sense! RB is supposed to be an artist community. RB can take many other measures to prevent fraud, such as not accepting credit card transactions from certain countries.

Several people (including me) have tried to post this topic for discussion in forum threads, but the management shot them down immediately and suggested to move this to “ideas to be voted on”. If you agree that excluding artists based on their country is a disgrace, please vote and pass this info around in your journal asking for votes.

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