I am in a state of not sure what I am going to do because!!

I will not have the time anymore to do all my beautiful features with large pictures and the banner with all the features of all 12 artists.

Maybe the artist of the week, depends on so many things.

Artist everday, when I can

Cute Animals of the day, don’t think so

Beautiful Babies,

My husband got a promotion and I will be helping him out as much as I can.
I have my zazzle stores that need attention
and my home and family.

My computer came out pretty good still don’t have all my pictures in yet.
and programs that have to be put in and passwords. it was quite a job to
clean it all out.

My husbands computer crashed that is what I have been using to moderate lee and my artwork.

I believe I will close in Aug till september 6th. I have a shoulder that is in a lot of pain from being on the computer for 12 hours a day…much to much..
I hope you all understand it was such a joy to do my feature pages and the thrill of the happiness it brought you wonderful artists.
please forgive me.

I will be back tomorrow july16th.

love and hugg and God Bless all of you wonderful artist friends

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