Sale and an idea I'd like to share

Thanks to my sister in law Stephanie and brother in law Rickey for buying a mounted print of Rickey’s parents’ barn which I’ve entitled “Remember.” I really appreciate your support and send my love to you.

I’ve noticed that most of my sales have had a personal connection. A niece who now lives in Germany bought a photo of a Louisiana swamp scene as a reminder of her home state; a nephew and his wife bought a photo I posted of my father and my nephew’s grandfather; a cousin bought cards and prints of her poem which I made into a companion piece with my photos; today, Steph and Rickey bought a print of the old homestead barn as a gift to the couple who built it. The bottom line is including personalized items in our portfolios to meet specific needs for specific people (especially family and friends) and sending those people links to RB where they can view photos that are not just generic but have a special meaning to them. Just thought I’d share this observation with you.

Blessings to all, especially Steph and Rickey who gave me their support and encouragement through their purchase!

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