For Mark, an American soldier who gave his life in Iraq

I’m happy to report that two prints of the image, “For Mark, an American soldier who gave his life in Iraq,” have sold. All proceeds from these sales go to the the Mark W. Graham Foundation. According to its official website, "The Mark W. Graham Foundation is a non-profit organization which provides support for young people of character and military families in crisis. It honors the legacy of Mark Graham, a fallen soldier whose strength of character and gift of service to his country are an inspiration to all who knew him.

Mark was a Lafayette, Louisiana, native and his death opened the community’s eyes to the reality of war and the sacrifice soldiers make in their fight to keep our country free. He was married to Stephanie for a little more than a year when he died. Mark was 22 years old.’

It’s good to know that the funds from the sale of this image are going to families who really need it. Thank you!

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