In loving memory of my dear Aunt Louise who just died . . .

The Bible abounds with stories of the special place Jesus had in His heart for the bereaved. “Do not weep,” He called tenderly to the heartbroken widow as her son’s funeral procession wove through the streets of Nain. Then, overcome with pity, He did the unthinkable—raised the dead man and gave him back to his mother. “God has visited his people,” the crowd exclaimed. Clearly, something divine had happened.

This story brings to mind my Aunt Louise. Years ago, two of
her sons died, three weeks apart, both in the prime of life, both in tragic accidents. God didn’t raise them from the dead and restore them to my aunt, but
something just as divine happened. The powerful love she had for those boys intensified and spread like an exquisite fragrance,
embracing everyone she met. There was no bitterness in her
over her loss, just a sweet sweet spirit of love.

Even after Alzheimer’s struck, she didn’t lose that wonderful
essence. Whenever I visited her, she repeated the same thing, “Isn’t love wonderful? I love you. Love’s a beautiful thing.”

With the people of ancient Nain, we, too, can exclaim today,
“Truly, God has visited his people!”

Thank you, Lord, for the gentle spirit of love You poured into the heart of Aunt Louise. May we, too, be blessed with this charity. Amen.

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