The chicken or the pig?

I heard a very interesting story a couple of days ago about a man who was having breakfast with a friend. Before he dug in, he looked carefully at his plate of bacon and eggs and then remarked, “A thought just occurred to me. The chicken was engaged in this meal, but the pig was committed to it.”

Which leads to deeper introspection . . . In my relationships, in my faith, in my various pursuits, am I merely engaged or am I deeply committed? In the practice of my faith, for instance, is it a pleasant social engagement, or is it something I’m willing to suffer for? Something I’m willing to be misunderstood about? Something I’m aware might ostracize me and alienate me yet is more important to me than being held in high regard by others?

Am I like the chicken or am I like the pig? Am I engaged or am I committed? I wonder. I pray that in the end, I’ll be more of a squealer than a clucker!

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