Hats off to Dr. Alveda C. King and to Elaine Farmer for introducing her to me!

Elaine Farmer’s pertinent journal message

Normally, I am not politically-minded, but when it comes to the rights of the unborn which are being violated, I have to say something. I would like to urge everyone who reads this journal to click on the link above which leads to a journal which Elaine Farmer posted and which in turn leads to the message which the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King is trying to get out, a plea for the unborn, a voice for the voiceless, the right to life for our most vulnerable, most despicably unprotected citizens. In my opinion it is the most important issue of the upcoming election in America. Thank you, Elaine, for being on your toes and for having the courage to speak up for the little ones in the womb.

Here is my response to Elaine’s journal post: Elaine, thank you for introducing me to this courageous woman and her stand. What good is a healthy economy when America’s mindset toward the unborn is so unhealthy? What good is the securing of our funds in a bank or in an 401K when babies are so insecure in the womb? When will we be just as enthusiastic to “bail out” the endangered babies as we have been to bail out the faltering financial institutions? Our priorities are topsy turvy; I pray that more people like Dr. Alveda King will make their voices heard for the voiceless and that they will have the wisdom and the courage to make those voices heard at the polls. God bless you for posting this message, the single most important (but sometimes flippantly overlooked) issue during this election.

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