Lots of good news

I have lots of good news to report. No more trees have fallen; the house is fine; our guests from western Louisiana found out their homes are fine and they are heading back to the Lake Charles area; we never lost power during Ike in spite of gusty winds, tornado outbreaks, and periods of heavy rain. Unlike Gustav which wrecked our yard, Ike was relatively gentle to us. My nephew in Pearland, TX has a tree on his house and faces potential flooding; I still don’t have word from two other nephews from League City and Texas City about the flooding conditions there and about the state of their homes, nor do I know if my sister in law’s mother experienced flooding in her home in lower Vermilion Parish. Last word we heard was that it would be a close call; her son’s home, unfortunately has flooded. All around, things are looking much better here today. We are still getting strong south winds, but the skies are clearing and we are even seeing peeks of sunshine. I am writing this journal to thank all the good souls who prayed for us and to assure you that your prayers have been answered in a wondrous way. God bless you all for being so supportive and kind. Hopefully, there will be no more hurricanes this 2008 season. Two in two weeks is plenty enough for one year’s time. I’m hoping to get back to normal soon. Thank you again for your kind words, encouraging comments, and prayers. I am deeply grateful.

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