Ike Update

We’ve been getting one tornado warning after another. The first one touched down about 20+ miles from here, damaging 15 homes and destroying at least one; another burst just did major damage about seven miles from here. The rain bands in this northeast quadrant are producing periods of blinding rain, strong wind gusts, and constant tornado activity; coastal areas are being pounded by high storm surge. My sister in law’s mother lost everything only three years ago in Hurricane Rita; she found out tonight that she will almost certainly lose everything again this time around. She lives in lower Vermilion Parish. Thank you to everyone who responded to the first journal and assured me of prayers. Your prayers are much more helpful than you know. There are 8 people in my house tonight (six evacuees, including two small children) from the Lake Charles area and my husband and me; please pray we will be protected from the tornadoes being spawned; we were told on the weather news tonight to expect another 24 hours of bad weather. I appreciate your prayers. God bless everyone. I am grateful for all my friends around the globe. Will keep you posted as long as we have power. So far so good.

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