Gustav Update

Thanks for the kind words of support from all my good friends here at Red Bubble. Light of day brought new revelations to us when we made our way back home this morning. As I said earlier, the house is spared, but our trees and property are in a state of devastation. Today as we were walking around assessing the situation, a photographer and reporter walked up our driveway (or should I say poked their way gingerly through fallen trees and wires) to ask questions. They were from the Advocate, the major Baton Rouge newspaper, and were looking for storm stories. Apparently, our house got their attention and they applied the brakes. They told us that we got the prize for the worst looking yard. They hadn’t seen any place that had such massive damage. They took pictures, interviewed us, got names spelled right, etc. in hopes to adding it to their repertoire of Gustav tales. If you want, you might log onto the Baton Rouge Advocate and there just might be a picture or two of the Barry bedlam. Don’t know but just thought I’d let you know. Lots of work ahead of us; way too much heat; way too many bugs; but good spiritedness nonetheless. Tommy, my husband, has ten brothers and sisters who are pooling resources and coming for a big clean up party on Saturday. After we clear away the little stuff, we’ll have to hire professionals to do the gargantuan work we can’t handle. Still no power but thank God we have running water. I’m coming to my son’s house at night for a good night’s rest so I’ll try to keep in touch this way. Thank you all for your prayers. I appreciate that very much. Bye for now, Bonnie P.S. Lost twelve trees; it’s still raining. Most importantly, everybody who sees our places says essentially the same thing, “And none of those trees touched the house. It’s a miracle!”

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