Louisiana in the crosshairs

I’m asking all my RedBubble friends to keep our state in your prayers. At this time, we are in the crosshairs of Hurricane Gustav which is forecast to be a major hurricane by the time it makes landfall either Monday night or Tuesday morning. Today, August 29, is the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s visit which devastated so much of the region, areas which have still not recovered. Hurricanes Lili and Andrew tore us up in earlier years, and at this point, meteorologists are advising us that Gustav could be even more severe. We are preparing for a major wind event, a possible deadly storm surge, and torrential rains of 10 to 20 inches, provided the storm doesn’t stall. Although the forecast could change and the storm could turn in another direction, the models have remained consistent for the last 24 hours, pointing the gun straight at us. In short, we’re in a state of emergency, and if we don’t take a direct hit, someone will. I would deeply appreciate your prayers for everyone who will be in harm’s way. Thank you and if you don’t hear from me for a while, it could be that we’ll be out of power. When Lili hit us, we were in the dark for about a week. God help us all.

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