Out for "recess"

Just a quick note that I’ll be out most of the week for “recess,” playing with my grandson who’s visiting from out of state, so I won’t have much time to leave comments about photos. We just got through making choo choo train pancakes which rated low on taste but high on looks. Isn’t it sad that unless I have pancake mix, I don’t know how to make pancakes? I had to improvise a recipe and the outcome was on the spongy side! Sebastian ate half his train, and we’ll have to retire the other half to the roundhouse (aka garbage can). Yesterday, we went to Lowe’s and got bags of dirt to fill holes in the yard. It was a little boy’s dream, digging in the wheel barrow filled with dirt and tossing it into random holes hither and yon. Today’s anybody’s guess; we’ll just move with our whims and have fun in the process. Got to make hay while the sun’s shining because Saturday will be here before we know it and Sebastian will have to go back home! (Sigh!) It’s his fifth birthday on Sunday August 24 so we’re eating birthday cake ALL WEEK long in anticipation and having our own version of a party nonstop. Better go! Adventure is calling, and I’m afraid I won’t be on the Bubble much in the next few days. Blessings to all!

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