Greetings from beautiful Sanibel Island, Florida

After reading Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s classic little volume, Gift from the Sea, I was inspired to visit Sanibel Island where Mrs. Lindbergh wrote her book in the mid 1950s. It’s been a wonderful experience. Sanibel Island is a place that has not been afflicted by the “I now look like everybody else” symdrome prevalent in America where cities have lost their distinctive character with the onslaught of chains that have taken over, making every municipality look like a clone of the one you just left. I was refreshed and amazed to see that this lovely island had only ONE hotel chain! Each restaurant, store, shop, business is completely original, one of a kind! Just delightful! The shelling here is wonderful; the beaches are uncluttered and relatively quiet; the sunrises and sunsets are “prayers of praise” from the sky; the tropical flowers abound; and the birds, though not as plentiful as I’d hoped, are amazingly approachable. Sanibel strictly prohibits the feeding of wildlife, yet some of the birds still congregate with the people. One great blue heron, in particular, loves to stand with the fishermen on a rocky crag and pretend he’s “folks.” I haven’t seen anyone feed him; he just seems to like hanging out with humans! Very endearing! I got some photos of him and will put one on RB when I get back home.

I thank everyone who has commented on my photos (especially my latest bluebird pictures and the grasshopper photo), and I apologize for not commenting on your photos in the past few days. I hope to get back into the swing of things sometime next week. Please say a little prayer for safety as we begin our journey home tomorrow. A few more stops along the way (possibly a short stay in Alabama), and we’ll be back in Cajun country by early next week.

Good night, all, from Sanibel Island.

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