Remembering Sheryl Kasper

Today, as I was sitting in my little bird house, hiding and hoping the songbirds would land nearby so I could photograph them, I got an email on my IPhone from a Red Bubble friend. I was shocked to learn that our mutual friend, Sheryl Kasper, also a Red Bubble member, had passed away! It seemed not very long since I’d heard from her, but she hadn’t mentioned anything about illness. I still don’t know the particulars of her death. I am just so saddened to learn about this crushing loss. Sher has always been the most ladylike of ladies, respectful, caring, kind, compassionate. Though we never met in person, we enjoyed corresponding pretty regularly. I always admired Sher’s floral photography. Clear, crisp, colorful, cheerful, sometimes accompanied by words of Scripture, those images are absolutely pristine. Today, as I sat in my blind, contemplating Sher’s giftedness, her friendship, her quiet elegant spirit, a painted bunting landed on the bird bath just a few feet from me. In that moment, I really felt Sher’s presence. It was as though she was saying, “I nudged him in your direction. One day we will really meet. Our friendship will grow and never die. Bye for now. Your friend, Sher”

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