Musings of a crazy bird lover

Picture this. As I type on my laptop, I’m sitting in a shooter’s blind in my back yard with a camera strapped around my neck. It’s sweltering hot inside this camo tent and the humidity’s high enough to steam vegetables. The reason I have the laptop is not to type this message but to send out bird calls from it. From, I click over and over again on the painted bunting’s song, three times consecutively, and the bunting that’s in the woods next door is answering. He came so close, he sounded like he was on top of the blind, but I couldn’t see him. After repeated calls, I got a fleeting glimpse of Mr. Rainbow and then he must have figured his competitor was a hoax because he left me high and dry (no, dripping with perspiration and no picture to prove that I’m not a nut who’s just hallucinating that a painted bunting is actually answering cyber calls). I would not recommend this method of bird photography to anyone in his or her right mind, but I just thought I’d give anyone who’s interested a glimpse into my looney tunes way that sometimes does work! Happy bird shooting to all! Bonnie P.S. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to post the proof someday that Mr. Painted Bunting took the bait and posed for me! PS Encore: I just ordred a book on pishing which is an ancient way of attracting birds. We’ll see which works best, the internet voices or pishing which even the old Bard, Shakespeare, believed in!

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