Thankfulness for protection

I’d been noticing a rattling noise in my car which is only a year old. At first I thought it was in the dashboard and then I realized it was the windshield. I had gotten it changed after a rock hit it shortly after I bought the car but had never been satisfied with the results. Even though I kept bugging the glass installation people, they insisted there was nothing wrong. Unfortunately, after a while, I just got used to the noticeably loud wind noise and learned to live it, but this new rattling noise was more menacing. Finally, after too much procrastination, I took the car to some really reputable glass specialists in my area, not the ones who had originally changed the windshield. They were horrified by what they discovered, a windshield that had no adhesives whatsoever to hold it into place. One of the workers told me she’d been at the establishment twelve years and had never seen anything like it. “We can’t figure out what kept that windshield from just flying off. It was really dangerous.” To think my husband and I have made multiple trips in excess of 600 miles one way in that car; I’ve weathered torrential rainstorms and heavy winds, but somehow the unglued glass stayed put. “We can’t understand why the rain didn’t pour into your vehicle,” the personnel told me. They kept shaking their heads in amazement. Some might call it luck; I call it Providence, the hand of God taking care of me, just like Papa Cardinal took care of Teensy (see my writing Life with the Cardinals). I have to admit I’m not very happy with that first glass installation business; they were very very negligent, especially after I kept insisting something was wrong. But, more than that, I’m grateful to a loving, caring God who had his eye on me and kept me safe, even when I wasn’t even aware of the danger I was facing. “I’d call this a miracle,” one lady at the reputable glass place told me. Funny, I thought, Miracles is my user name on Red Bubble. Some might shake their heads or roll their eyes, but I’m not a skeptic; I believe that wondrous things happen to us all the time and sometimes we’re given a glimpse of just how wondrous they are. And so, I’m publishing this Good News in thanksgiving for the Gentleman of the Highest Honor whom I credit with saving me from what could have been disastrous indeed. Oh, and by the way, my license tag is a personalized phrase—Pray4Us. I’d like to thank anybody who saw that tag, took it to heart, offered a prayer for the occupants in my vehicle, and maybe, just maybe, had something to do with this good turn of events, too!

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